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Q) What exactly do you offer?
A) We are a one-stop shopping source for all your automotive needs. We can find your vehicle of choice either new or pre-owned, provide competitive financing, and even aftermarket accessories like rims, tires, window tint, and lift kits.
Q) Can you get the most current new car models?
A) Of course, we typically can get any new car available. Some limited production vehicles are more difficult than others, but if it has wheels we can locate it!
Q) What about exotic and collectible vehicles?
A) In some instances we will get involved with exotic vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, and others but first we require a pre-qualification process in order to eliminate wasted time and effort for both parties.
Q) Why should I choose Auto Locators over going to a large new car dealership to purchase my next new vehicle?
A) You the consumer save time and money by shopping with Auto Locators. Instead of spending countless hours car shopping to find the exact vehicle and best price, we do the leg work for you. We have the contacts and connections with the fleet departments to get your vehicle at or below invoice price.
Q) Are you a vehicle dealer?
A) Yes, Auto Locators is a California licensed and bonded used car dealer and new car broker.
Q) Is financing available for the used vehicles?
A) Yes, we are not a bank or a lender but we have financing institutions including various credit unions that we do business with to get you the lowest possible interest rate.
Q) Do you take trade-ins?
A) Yes, paid for or not.
Q) What if I owe more on my trade-in than it is worth?
A) We can add the outstanding balance on the trade-in to the value of the new vehicle. Not all applicants will qualify.
Q) My credit isn’t the best can you still help me?
A) Yes, we have a creative finance department that will work with you to get your vehicle.
Q) My credit is stellar and I don’t want to put any money down. Is 100% financing available?
A) Absolutely. If you have great credit you have earned the ability to finance the entire amount of the vehicle. Additional out-of-pocket costs like sales tax, license, and accessories can be rolled into the loan. Certain restrictions and qualifications apply. Not all applicants will qualify for 100% financing.
Q) Where do you get these vehicles?
A) We have a wide range of sources varying from rental car companies to bank lease returns and auction houses.
Q) What kind of condition are these vehicles in?
A) We purchase only the cleanest vehicles that go through two rigorous inspection processes ensuring that all mechanical aspects of the vehicle are functioning properly prior to the delivery of the vehicle.
Q) Is a warranty provided for the vehicle that I purchase?
A) Absolutely. We offer a 30 day limited warranty on all pre-owned vehicles. We also offer extended warranties that vary in price depending upon coverage.
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